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762 Independence Blvd., Ste. 500, Virginia Beach, VA 23455
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Posted On: 03/26/2011 I would recommend Dr. Rogge to anyone that needs dental implants. Pain free, and they really cared about me and my comfort.
Patient Review From Dr.Oggle Dr.Oggle Review
Posted On: 02/25/2011 Thanks so much for your kind assistance during my office visit on Feb. 21st. The staff was so pleasant, and Dr. Rogge took the time to explain everything and answer my questions thoroughly. Additionally, your office was able to fit me in on such short notice. Such all-around professional courtesy is something not seen much today. Stephanie
Posted On: 02/15/2011 Dear Dr. Rogge,

I want to thank you for a great dental experience. You did a wonderful implant procedure for my beautiful new tooth. Your compassion and understanding your patients' needs are very appreciated. I experienced minimal pain because of the care you and your staff provided to me. Letting me listen to my jazz music and watching the cloud pictures above put me in a very relaxed mood.

You have an extremely caring and wonderful staff. Everyone who comes to you for their dental needs should feel very lucky to have you as their periodontist.

Thank you for sharing the delicious pumpkin nut bread you made.
Posted On: 10/10/2010 Thank you again for working Esther into your busy schedule today. It allowed us to basically stay on schedule for our Florida trip and not have to make major changes, ie, arrangements with friends, family, motels, etc.

Esther was very much impressed with you and your fine staff. You and they are all very professional and you put your patients very much at ease and give us outstanding services.

We commend you all - thank you so much.
Posted On: 09/15/2009 Dr. Rogge took his time on my implant and because of that I had little to no pain during recovery...If you do what he asked you to do for recovery it will go very well... I would highly recommend Dr. Rogge for any work he performs... I am getting ready for more work to be done today at his office and feel very confident in the recovery again...
Patient Review From Dr.Oggle Dr.Oggle Review
Posted On: 05/16/2009 The last year has been a trip for me - I'm not sure that I would LOVE to do it again but if I did there is no better group of people to do it with than you guys. Everyone has been so wonderful!!

Dr. Rogge you are an extremely brilliant man - not only is that demonstrated in your work but even more so in the staff that you hire to work beside you.

Right from the beginning I felt comfortable and confident in your hands. Thank you to all of you who helped me to my beautiful new white tooth. You guys will always get GREAT references from me. I'll miss seeing you so frequently but will truly love eating, smiling, posing for pictures with my new smile.

Thanks again for all your hard work.
Posted On: 04/23/2009 I want to thank all of you, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the warmth and the caring you put into it.

You're all very special people. Thank you!
Posted On: 08/10/2008 In March of 2005, I began the process of having oral surgery for a tooth implant. Since I am a very nervous person, I was terrified of this procedure.

Dr. Rogge and his staff were wonderful. They explained everything to me and kept me comfortable at each visit. Believe-it-or-not, I actually looked forward to my appointment. The procedures went very well. I healed quickly and had no pain nor swelling (I followed the doctor's post-op instructions).

My experience with Dr. Rogge and his staff was so pleasant that I come back from time to time to say 'Hi' and have some of Dr. Rogge's delicious homemade bread. By the way, the implant is great!
Posted On: 08/03/2008 I never imagined how easy it would be to have implant surgery until I consulted you. Your skill is awesome, and the procedure was totally without stress and with very minor inconvenience.

If I had only known 5 years ago how great the implants would be, I would have certainly obtained implants much sooner. This procedure increased my chewing ability in an amazing way.

You and your staff are wonderful to work with, and I commend you for your exceptional skills as a caring and experienced Periodontist. Thank you very much, and I hope to return for additional implant surgery later this year.
Posted On: 03/08/2008 Dear Dr. Rogge and beautiful staff:

I will never be able to thank you enough for the wonderful care that I received from you.

You make me feel like part of your family from the first moment that I come into the office.

And your dental care is so great that I have total confidence and trust in whatever has to be done. God has blessed me when he put you in my life and he will reward you for your outstanding service to your fellow human beings. I hold you in highest esteem.